NBA admits missing Tyrese Maxey's travel before four-point play against Knicks in Game 5

The NBA released their two-minute report Wednesday evening and revealed they missed a crucial call on Tyrese Maxey in the Knicks’ Game 5 loss to the 76ers.

With the 76ers down six with 28 seconds to go, Maxey went over a Joel Embiid screen to take a three-point shot. Mitchell Robinson switched over to defend but fouled the Philadelphia guard, giving the 76ers life.

However, the NBA refs say they missed the travel after looking at the tape.

“Maxey gathers the ball on his left foot, takes two legal steps, and then moves his right foot again just before he is fouled on his shot,” the report read.

After the Game 5 loss, Robinson owned up to his mistake saying “I’ll just take it like a man, I f----ed up.”

Regardless, the refs’ two-minute report has become one storyline in this Knicks-76ers series. A lot was made of the Knicks’ improbable comeback in Game 2, which was aided by some missed calls, especially when Josh Hart stole the ball from Maxey on the inbound pass that resulted in the three from Donte DiVincenzo that gave the Knicks the lead, and eventually the win.

Game 5's two-minute report revealed four incorrect calls, including the missed travel. One was the stoppage of time after Jalen Brunson’s final shot in regulation was blocked. The Knicks should have had .04 seconds remaining.

The other two was a non-call on Nicolas Batum being hooked by Brunson with 1:27 remaining, and Hart was incorrectly called out of bounds when he tried to save a ball. That occurred with 41.5 seconds remaining.

Game 6 between the Knicks and 76ers will happen at 9 p.m. on Thursday. Game 7 will occur on Saturday evening at Madison Square Garden, if necessary.