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Are you often tired and lacking energy, especially around 2:30? You may need a special pick-me-up to boost your spirits and make you a more productive member of the workforce and society at-large.

But instead of going for supplements like Five Hour Energy or sugary energy drinks, why not try a new beverage that revitalizes body, mind, and your capacity for laughter? Courtesy of the peerless Mavericks YouTube account, here's a new viral video for Tuff Juice, the new energy drink inspired by Caron Butler(notes).

Have you ever wanted to see Dirk Nowitzki's(notes) abs talk? Do you want to be like lots of things that rhyme with "juice"? Then Tuff Juice is perfect for you. Just make sure you realize that this is not a real drink, because Caron Butler cannot be put into a tiny can.

(Via The Basketball Jones)

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Ball Don't Lie

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