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We're only nine days in on 40, and already this year's NBA playoffs has seen its fair share of rough play. Josh Smith is punking Pierce, Carl Landry is losing teeth and D-West can't stop slapping Dirk around. It's like the 80's in long shorts out there. (Slight exaggeration.) But which has been the hardest playoff foul to-date? Cast your vote below. The current top five candidates:

Jason Kidd flips Jannero Pargo, Game 4. Instead of trying to make the block, a lazy Jason Kidd grabs Pargo by the back of the neck and swings him to the court. Incredibly, Pargo wasn't injured on the fall, but Kidd was ejected thanks to a Flagrant-2 foul.

DeShawn Stevenson decapitates LeBron, Game 3. OK, so that's a stretch. DeShawn tries to decapitate LeBron. Still, DS came across the lane and swiped his right arm across the top of James' skull. The hit was enough to knock off the All-Star's headband and send him dropping to the court.

Brendan Haywood shoves LeBron James, Game 2. Following a Game 1 semi-fracas, Haywood pushes LeBron with both hands while the Cavs star is in the air. Haywood was assessed a flagrant foul and ejected from the game. 

Raja Bell semi-clotheslines Manu Ginobili, Game 2. Raja drops Manu to the floor knowing the Suns are 15 seconds away from losing Game 2. Did Manu flop a little? It's tough to tell anymore. Was that little crying boy ever eaten by the wolves?

George Karl moshes with his staff. This was the most intensity from the Nuggets all playoffs.

Vote away!

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Ball Don't Lie

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