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March 02, 2011

BDL Hump Day Chat!

Exactly 10 years ago, I lived in an often-flooded basement apartment in Chicago, and the only channels I paid to keep on my dish were NBA TV, and the League Pass channels. In its infancy, NBA TV was a different thing back then, and though they ran in-house studio shows (hosted by current Raptors broadcaster Matt Devlin, Lakers radio man Spero Dedes, and some guy who works on Access Hollywood or Extra whose name I can't recall), most of the late night programming consisted of repeating box scores, with generic (but pretty cool) basketball sounds being played on loop. This was years before even Rick Kamla showed up.

As someone who had to get up early after staying up late to write Behind the Box Score, this programming was obviously a good thing. And because I didn't want to get too deep a sleep and miss my deadline, I would fall asleep with the TV on, and the scores and sounds repeating. It sort of set the mood. And every so often, NBA TV would play the commercial posted above, which five years later (and 10 years after seeing it for the first time) has made it to YouTube.

I knew Hall and Oates, and even wore an ironic Hall and Oates t-shirt in my younger days, but I didn't know that this slick-sounding RnB was those two guys from that "Maneater" video. I just assumed it was Jeffrey Osbourne or something. And when I found out that the commercial above was Hall and Oates? That changed my whole viewpoint on the band. Then Yacht Rock hit, and it was all over. I don't care what you think.

So, yes, that's my favorite NBA commercial of all time. Nothing's even close. And in the spirit of such dorkiness, I present to you an hour-long NBA chat, starting at 3 p.m., Eastern. Just click watch James Worthy hit a 360-degree lay-in, and click the jump for the smooth:

(We have to approve every comment or question, and we get quite a few all at once. So please be patient, after sending in your message. Thank you. Also, T-Bone Wolk was a badass.)

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