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Dirty Tackle

Werder Bremen players race ponies, one goes rogue

Dirty Tackle

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Since there is no better preseason preparation for football than racing ponies, Werder Bremen players Marko Marin, Tim Wiese, Markus Rosenberg and Clemens Fritz did just that last weekend. The 600-meter race took place on a grass track and, simply put, it was hilarious.

One pony decided to go rogue and run around in a big circle, and another pony was so fat that I'm pretty sure its pre-race diet consisted solely of Big Macs and ice cream. In the end, goalkeeper Tim Wiese, riding his pony like a Roman emperor in a chariot race (if they chariots were attached to ponies), won by a comfortable margin.

Video of the race right this way...


Photo: Werder.de; Video: 101gg

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