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Santos president warns Neymar of ‘violent players and snow’ in Europe

Dirty Tackle

Even though Neymar signed a contract that will keep him with Santos until the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, it seems the club is still nervous about losing him to a European power like, say, Barcelona -- who supposedly have an agreement in place to snatch the fauxhawked Brazilian whenever they want.

So, the club's anti-Europe propaganda campaigns rolls on. Said Santos president Luis Alvaro Ribiero to Globo (via

"He [Neymar] makes a lot of money here, he has even purchased a yacht already. What else will he want? Two cars? A plane? Planes cost a lot and they are high maintenance. It is better to stay in Brazil than to go to Europe to deal with violent players and snow."

Yes, Brazil has no violent players at all. As for the snow(!), we already know from Neymar's Guarana ad (above) that he has it drilled into him that Europe is an arctic wasteland where he would be forced to play in a snowsuit, but his hair has to generate a massive amount of heat, so cold weather shouldn't be a problem for him.

Anyway, Real Madrid will surely be offering two cars stuffed inside a plane with all maintenance costs already paid any day now.

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