Genoa president kicks reporter in the street, smashes his camera

Brooks Peck
June 4, 2013

Genoa president Enrico Preziosi went a little bit nuts when he was approached/stalked by a small group of journalists in the street and asked about reports that he's selling the club. In the video above, Preziosi is seen calmly going up to one reporter with a video camera from Genoa paper Il Secolo XIX, the Genoa boss then kicked the man in the legs, took his camera and smashed it on the ground. He then walked away while looking back as if to say, "Yeah. That just happened."

Preziosi now says he's sorry he did it...but he would do it again. From Football Italia:

“I removed a camera that was position in an improper fashion,” Preziosi told TGCom this evening.

“I already apologised and said I’ll pay for the camera. However, it’s not right to ambush people. My reaction might be criticised, but the violence I suffered was worse.

“I will not accept someone filming me in secret and then ambushing me. In that context, I would indeed do it again.”

The biggest crime in all of this? The fact that whoever filmed the incident didn't hold their stupid phone sideways while recording.