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FIFA plans fun corruption hotline

Dirty Tackle

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A FIFA corruption hotline prototype. (La Bouilloire Noire)

The plans for an official hotline that will allow whistleblowers to report match-fixing to FIFA is also being proposed to allow reports of corruption among FIFA executives, as well. With enough corruption and bribery accusations to fill a timeline last year, the fact that this proposal now being pushed isn't a surprise. And neither is the fact that FIFA expects a phone line for FIFA corruption that is answered by FIFA to be taken seriously.

From the AP:

The introduction of the hotline was delayed in January, but outgoing FIFA security chief Chris Eaton said Wednesday at the SoccerEx convention that a plan is in place to expand its role and cover all corruption allegations.

It is not yet clear when the hotline will be open to the public.

Words like "delayed" and "outgoing" don't sound too promising, but this would be the gift that keeps on giving if it is open to the public (assuming it doesn't cost $15.99 a minute to call, which it probably will). Even though it would likely accomplish nothing with the less than transparent organization, there would still be a certain satisfaction in calling up and reporting Sepp Blatter for accepting sexual favors from emus.

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