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Andriy Shevchenko offered Ukraine manager job (and ridiculously high expectations)

Dirty Tackle

Believe in Sheva. (Getty)

Recently retired and coming off a failed political campaign, Andriy Shevchenko has been given another chance at a new career by Ukrainian football federation president Anatoliy Konkov. Since Ukraine manager Oleh Blohkin left his post to take over Shevchenko's former club Dynamo Kiev last month, Konkov has been looking for a replacement and he has now decided to offer the job to Shevchenko. Who the federation believes will be an overwhelming success because of course he will. And because Pep Guardiola.

From the PA:

[Shevchenko] does not have any managerial or coaching experience, but the federation are convinced that will not be a problem. Konkov pointed out that Pep Guardiola won three Spanish titles and two Champions Leagues after joining Barcelona with little experience in management.

"I'm sure Shevchenko will also be able to conquer great football countries as head coach of this country," said Konkov. "He has enough experience and character.

"The federation, in turn, will ensure to give him all the help he needs with the national team."

Nevermind the fact that Guardiola inherited a supremely talented team and was given ample funds to acquire even more great players, he is now the standard to which all unexperienced coaches are now held. There is absolutely no way this could ever lead to tremendous disappointment.

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