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Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima are making a new Silent Hill game

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Silent Hills

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Norman Reedus, star of Silent Hills. (Credit: Konami)

Two entertainment masters are coming together to terrify gamers.

Director Guillermo del Toro and video game designer Hideo Kojima are teaming up to make a new Silent Hill video game. Currently dubbed 'Silent Hills', it's the tenth entry in the long-running survival-horror series.

Joining them in the effort -- and starring in the game -- will be Norman Reedus, best known for his role as Daryl Dixon on “The Walking Dead.” Reedus will voice the main character and lend his image to the game.

The announcement came as part of an "interactive trailer" called P.T. released during Sony's pre-GamesCom press conference on Tuesday. Fans who downloaded the trailer were asked to navigate a darkened building filled with odd radio transmissions and creepy creatures. Once you escape the building, the camera pans up to show an abandoned city, Reedus's virtual likeness, and the names of the game's creators.

Silent Hill hasn't been at the forefront of the survival-horror genre for a some time, but the series has managed to stay relevant despite heavy competition. And while the roles that del Toro and Kojima will play in this new installment aren't exactly clear, both men are known for a careful attention to detail that's bound to pique the interest of fans both die-hard and lapsed.

del Toro is best known for his film work, of course, but he has had an interest in games for a while, working at one point with the now-defunct THQ on the horror game Insane, which was originally envisioned as a trilogy four years ago. Silent Hill publisher Konami has reportedly been hounding Kojima for the past couple of years to get involved in the franchise.

Unfortunately, other than the big names, there's not much else out there about the game right now. The release date's a mystery. The plot? Not a clue.

But who cares? del Toro, Kojima AND Daryl "MF-ing" Dixon in one place?  Sounds scary cool to us.

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