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Olympic montage: Donald Sutherland vs. Morgan Freeman

Fourth-Place Medal

CTV's Olympic promos have been in sufficiently steady rotation that some people, if they so chose, could speak word for word along with Donald Sutherland.

Maybe you've wondered how the Sutherland "Believe" spots rate compare with the U.S. "Go World" ads, which are backed by the sonorous tones of Morgan Freeman (who has played God on film, twice). Whose Voice Is That? tackled that question with a Promo Olympics, a best-three-out-of-five comparison. Also, what's better than one country's Olympic promos graced by a distinguished actor? Two countries' Olympic promos done up in a montage.

Viewers will be hearing Sutherland and Freeman in their sleep by the end of February. Might as well have some fun with it.

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