San Jose Sharks’ innovative tease for new jersey design (Photo)

As with every new hockey season, brand spanking new jerseys are in order for several teams. The Minnesota Wild will reveal new white road jerseys at the Minnesota State Fair on Sept. 1. The Buffalo Sabres have been teasing pieces of a new-look for several weeks now

The San Jose Sharks joined the party this week dubbing their "Next Wave," with two separate Instagram videos teasing what their new jerseys will look like. But don't expect a drastic overhaul.

From CSN Bay Area:

While it’s true that there will some alterations, don’t expect any drastic differences from what San Jose has been donning in recent seasons. According to one team source, there will be “tweaks to a couple of our jerseys.” The black third jerseys will remain.

The biggest difference will be in the material. The Sharks have worn their black jerseys in the postseason for the past three seasons, mainly due to the players preferring the lighter feel.

As Fear the Fin points out, there will be less orange in the jerseys going forward. No more orange trim around the numbers and one less bar of it -- but shark-tooth stitching! -- on the other piece.

The full reveal should come later this week.

We're happy to hear that the "black armor" jerseys will remain because those things are sweeeeeet. Also a good reason to keep them, as per CSN, the Sharks were 7-0 in the playoffs wearing them.

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