Blackhawks fans plan sneaky infiltration of St. Louis Blues arena bricks

One of the surefire ways facilities can raise revenue is by selling “commemorative bricks” that are inscribed with names, messages or other personalized notes. But sometimes, nefarious groups with dastardly intentions can infiltrate these seemingly innocent displays. 

Groups like PETA … and Chicago Blackhawks fans.

PETA has struck at least twice, putting a brick at PETCO Field, the San Diego Padres’ stadium, that read "Break Open Your Cold Ones! Toast The Padres! Enjoy This Championship Organization!" They also placed one at the Marlins’ new ballpark that spelled out the name of an anti-fishing website, to protest the team’s aquariums at the stadium.

Blackhawks fans aren’t nearly as political in their intentions, judging from the Reddit thread dedicated to their scheme to place bricks at a new plaza at Scottrade Center. But just as mischievous. (We’re especially fond of the ones trying to get Adam Oates’ name into a message that spells out “NO CUP.”)

Jon Hansen of discovered the plan, and asked the brick company what the Blackhawks fans could get away with.

"No other team names can be put on the bricks," said Alicia Allen, a representative for the company handling brick purchases, told him.

As for a more cryptic message?

"Best way to find out is to buy a brick," Allen said. 

Honestly, with proceeds going to help fund a Blues Hall of Fame plaza, the teams should have an open door policy for any message from any fan base that it’s completely offensive.

I mean, would they allow this for example?

(You can create your own Blues bricks here.)