Backstreet Boys tribute to NHL coach’s challenges, via TSN (Video)

The hockey panelists from TSN are usually confided to their beautifully lit studio. But when they escape those friendly confines, goofiness usually ensues.

Please recall their parody of “The Hangover” in which Darren Dreger got sand in his butt. This time, James Duthie and the boys are back. And also they’re Backstreet Boys.

“Don't Take My Goal Away” is their opus dedicated to the NHL coach’s challenge and the many goals it takes off the board. In *NSYNC terms, it features Duthie (the Justin Timberlake), Marty Biron (the J.C. Chasez), Jamie McLennan (the Chris Kirkpatrick) and Jeff O’Neill (the Joey Fatone).

It’s quite a song, chronicling all the heartbreak associated with the coach’s challenge, including using Nintendo DS’s to review the plays. It’s also quite a video, if you’re someone that’s occasionally fantasized about watching James Duthie slow-motion drenched in water while reading trade deadline moves.

(Meekly raises hand.)

Also, the Bob McKenzie rap break dressed like RUN DMC is one of those things that you really never realized your life was missing, and then you see it, and then you wonder what life was like before it, you know?

We eagerly look forward to Sportsnet’s “Give Me Just One Goal (Una Gol),” a 98 Degrees parody with Darren Millard as Nick Lachey.

(Incidentally, the incredibly talented Mr. Duthie wrote the lyrics and came up with the tune, while TSN MVP Lester McLean recorded it and sang it.)


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