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Darnell Dockett pulls another prank on Cardinals rookie Tyrann Mathieu – baby powder to the head

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Darnell Dockett's Twitter Page

Arizona Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett is not worried about the politically correct era threatening to take over the NFL after what occurred in Miami. That is good news for players who want to have locker room fun, and bad for rookies like Tyrann Mathieu, Dockett’s teammate.

Mathieu was taking a nap recently when Dockett pulled a prank on the rookie. He poured baby powder on Mathieu’s head and posted that picture on Twitter.

Of course, is this worse than when Dockett forced Mathieu to get his jersey number etched on the side of the rookie's head during training camp?

Dockett’s actions are the typical rite of passage in some NFL locker rooms, but this kind of fun sounds similar to the jokes that landed Dolphins guard Richie Incognito in trouble because of his alleged treatment of Jonathan Martin. Incognito seemingly thought he was joking around with a teammate, but Martin did not find any humor in what allegedly occurred. The rest is well documented.

If Mathieu does not mind Dockett’s attempts at humor, then it is just two teammates having a good time. Well, Dockett is having a ball.

At least Dockett did not put Mathieu’s hand in water as he slept. That is a picture none of us would like to see.

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