VOD: Watch Northern Colorado's SID participate in spring practice

Graham Watson
April 25, 2014
Parker Cotton
Northern Colorado SID Parker Cotton participates in spring practice.

Most fans don’t know a whole lot about sports information directors (SID), but they’re the folks working alongside the team and coordinating the many media inquiries received on a daily basis.

Sometimes it can be thankless work (I know, I was one once), but sometimes it also has its perks — like being able to practice with the team for which you work.

Meet Parker Cotton, an SID at northern Colorado, who got to suit up with his team and go through the rigors of a modified spring practice. He played nearly every position and excelled at none of them. He threw a terrible pass, was knocked over several times, was scored on, and was actually lifted off his feet by an offensive lineman.

Cotton’s one shining moment came when he made what appeared to be a PAT.

In all, this was fun to watch and we can only hope it will inspire other SIDs to try their hand at being a player.

Thanks to Football Scoop for the find.

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