Texas chancellor says no beer sales at Darrell K Royal Stadium in 2014

Sam Cooper
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Texas chancellor says no beer sales at Darrell K Royal Stadium in 2014

Despite having beer sales at Texas athletic events earlier this year, a school chancellor said Thursday that there will be no adult beverages for sale when the Longhorns take the field at Darrell K Royal in the fall.

“We’re not going to do it this year,” Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa said, per the Austin American-Statesman. “(UT President) Bill Powers and I agreed that we really needed more of an experience of selling beer and wine at our basketball games, baseball, and track and field.”

The possibility for beer sales at Texas’ Darrell K Royal Stadium has been a point of discussion on multiple occasions over the past few years. Texas athletic director Steve Patterson has said publicly that beer sales were somewhat of a test after they were approved for two basketball games and part of the baseball season.

Reports from February indicated that the school was going to sell beer at the spring football game on April 19 as a “testing of the waters” for the 2014 season, but the sales ended up not being approved.

Cigarroa said there were “no adverse incidents” at the basketball games, but school officials want to further weigh their options before bringing beer into the football stadium.

“Before we expand this to the football stadium, I wanted to make sure that we had more data and that we weren’t rushed into it so much,” Cigarroa said. “So we elected to postpone that action this year and revisit it this year.”

Alcohol sales are slowly beginning to become more prominent at college stadiums across the country. Purdue recently introduced a patio area at its stadium which will include beer and wine sales, but at least for 2014, Texas fans will have to wait.

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