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North Texas cheerleader doubles as flesh-eating zombie on hit TV show

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So you're perusing the Internet looking for college football results after four games on a Thursday night that just happens to be Halloween.

You decide to look for some more information on North Texas' victory over Rice at Meangreensports.com. You get to the site and...what the?

Turns out, North Texas has a cheerleader who has portrayed a flesh-eating zombie on the AMC hit show The Walking Dead. The site really grabs attention with side-by-side photos of her as a cheerleader and zombie.

Wow, those Hollywood makeup folks are good.

Taylor Towery is a sophomore at North Texas, who has done plenty of work in the television and film industry as an extra and stunt double. Her father has been a stunt man for years with dozens of credits and is the stunt coordinator for the show.

Taylor has been killed on the show multiple times by some of the main characters stabbing her in the head, because that's how you defend yourself from the living-dead who are trying to eat you.Each time she makes another appearance on the show, the makeup artists are careful to give her a much different look.

"It's really not all that glamorous," Towery told the school's athletic department website. "It's kind of gross."

Towery served as a stunt double in two movies due out in 2014, but she doesn't plan to make a career out of it. She's studying at North Texas for a career in healthcare.

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