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  • Homer History: Ryne Sandberg takes Bruce Sutter deep twice

    Kyle Ringo at Big League Stew 1 hr ago

    My first love was baseball. I spent hours in my backyard as a boy throwing the ball with my dad or pretending to be some Gold Glove winner robbing a power hitter of a crucial hit in a pivotal game. 

    I would look forward to my team’s Little League practices and games each week and if I was lucky I could occasionally catch a few innings and maybe an entire game on television on the weekend. If I was really lucky, my favorite team might be playing, but it didn’t happen often because the Chicago Cubs weren’t very good and back then our family didn’t have cable or satellite. 

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    Yep, the stone age. 

    All these years later, I still couldn’t tell you how or why Ivan de Jesus came to be my favorite player and the guy I most often pretended to be while throwing the ball high in the air or against the brick wall of my house and then catching it. I think I chose de Jesus because he played shortstop, a position I generally regarded among the most important on the field even though I was a catcher. Plus, he played for the Cubs. 

    He would have owned the highlights and headlines on almost any other day and any other game.

  • Suddenly the Green Monster doesn't look so imposing at Fenway

    Kyle Ringo at Big League Stew 1 day ago

    The left field wall at Fenway Park is known as the Green Monster and is legendary in baseball, but it has been dwarfed this week by a 140-foot ramp skiers and snowboarders are using to perform all sorts of craziness at the Polartec Big Air at Fenway competition.

    Watching these amazing athletes perform death-defying jumps is always entertaining but putting them in an iconic baseball stadium has taken things to a new level. The ramp they're using appears to be about three times as big as the Green Monster and is 14 stories tall.

    A snowboarding ramp 3 times the size of the Green Monster? Fenway, as you've never seen it:

    Off to Boston's historic @fenwaypark to hit this beast! ⛷🏙 | 📷: Christopher Baldwin | #BigAirFenway

    #FenwayPark ➕ Big Air... 🙌

  • Marquette student gives Providence $10 for Kris Dunn's missed FT

    Kyle Ringo at The Dagger 1 day ago

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    On Wednesday night in Milwaukee, Marquette student Jamey Schilling was just an obnoxious voice in a crowd near the end of hard-fought college basketball game.

    As Providence star Kris Dunn approached the free throw line in the final minute of a close game, Schilling screamed, "I will literally give you $10 if you miss this shot." Dunn missed one of two free throws keeping Marquette in the game and the Golden Eagles eventually won in double overtime.

    On Thursday, Schilling proved he wasn't just shouting random nonsense trying to get a laugh out of his friends. He sat down and wrote a check, to Providence athletics not Dunn, along with an explanation for his donation.

    Dear @PCAthletics , The check is in the mail. #providenceCollegeAthletics

    [Anthony Collins can't save Texas A&M from fourth straight SEC loss]

  • Friars in a funk: Providence falls short at Marquette again

    Kyle Ringo at The Dagger 2 days ago

    No. 20 Providence has one of the best all-around players in college basketball in Kris Dunn and at least one other NBA talent in its starting five in Ben Bentil. Yet, the Friars keep finding ways to lose rather than win as we move into the midsection of February.

    The Friars missed a chance to earn their first win at Marquette on Wednesday when Dunn threw a sloppy pass at the end of regulation preventing his team from getting off a game-winning shot attempt. Marquette went on to win in double overtime 96-91 with Dunn watching from the bench after fouling out in the first overtime.

    [Anthony Collins can't save Texas A&M from fourth straight SEC loss]

    It has to be a concern for coach Ed Cooley, who watched his team beat No. 4 Villanova less than three weeks ago.To be fair, the Friars encountered a Marquette team still carrying some hope of getting to the NCAA Tournament, but those hopes are dependent on the Golden Eagles winning games against ranked opponents such as Wednesday's contest.

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  • Anthony Collins can't save Texas A&M from fourth straight SEC loss

    Kyle Ringo at The Dagger 2 days ago

    If given the chance to pick which one of his players he'd like to have at the free throw line late in a game with the pressure on, Texas A&M coach Billy Kennedy would undoubtedly choose senior Anthony Collins. Any coach would after looking at the numbers.

    Prior to Wednesday's game at Alabama, Collins had made 28 of his 30 free throw attempts this season, including eight of nine in the final two minutes of games. He is one of the best foul shooters in the country and wouldn't you know it, he found himself toeing the line with two shots and two seconds remaining with his team down by one.

    [Bubble breakdown: Creighton restores hope with marquee win]

    Texas A&M's Anthony Collins misses late free throws, Alabama hangs on for the W #BuckleUp Recap #LiveOn3340 at 10

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  • Rapheal Davis' big night leads Purdue to its best win this season

    Kyle Ringo at The Dagger 3 days ago

    Purdue senior Rapheal Davis couldn't be stopped in the first half Tuesday against Michigan State but then couldn't be found for much of the second half and overtime. Yet Davis managed to score the game-winning point at the free throw line thanks to a call that was at least debatable in the final seconds.

    Denzel Valentine was guarding Davis with the score tied and the clock dripping away seconds. He elected to try to slip through the front side of a screen from Purdue center A.J. Hammons, who bumped Valentine into Davis. The call went against Valentime putting Davis at the foul line with four seconds remaining.

    [Buddy Hield caps late barrage with 3-pointer to beat Texas]

    Davis made the first free throw and missed the second, but Hammons grabbed the offensive rebound with an assist from Vince Edwards and Purdue claimed what is easily its biggest win of its season 82-81 over the eighth-ranked Spartans.

    After making seven of 10 shots in the first half, Davis went 1-for-12 in the second.

    Then they stopped making shots.

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  • Nebraska senior Shavon Shields injured in scary tumble to floor

    Kyle Ringo at The Dagger 6 days ago

    It has been a difficult season already at Nebraska and things took another bad turn Saturday when senior Shavon Shields, the heart and soul of coach Tim Miles' team, took a scary tumble over an opponent landing on his head and neck and had to be taken from the court on a stretcher.

    Scary, scary moment: @HuskerHoops star Shavon Shields gets carried off court on stretcher.

    The injury occured with 8 minutes, 49 seconds remaining in the Cornhuskers' 87-63 victory when Shields leaped to attempt to block a shot from Rutgers' forward D.J. Foreman, who pumped faked to get Shields in the air. Shields came down on top of Foreman rolling over him and hitting the floor hard on his head, neck and shoulders.

    [Slain Mercer player had heartbreaking bond with 7-year-old girl]

    Nebraska improved to 13-11 overall and 5-6 in the Big Ten by beating Rutgers.

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  • George Washington ends VCU streak boosting its postseason hopes

    Kyle Ringo at The Dagger 6 days ago

    George Washington already had some nice wins on its resume prior to Saturday, but the Colonials injected themselves into the NCAA Tournament discussion in a big way winning on the road at A-10 Conference leader VCU in a 72-69 game that came down to the final possession.

    Full highlights from the @GW_MBB 72-69 win at @VCU_Hoops - Patricio Garino finished with 27 points for the Colonials

    Melvin Johnson had a chance to win the game in the final seconds for VCU, but he airballed a 3-pointer. Kory Billbury grabbed the offensive rebound with two seconds remaining but missed a tying layup attempt. Joe McDonald, who had given George Washington the lead a minute earlier with a 3-pointer, hit a free throw with less than a second remaining for the final point of the game.

    [Slain Mercer player had heartbreaking bond with 7-year-old girl]

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  • Kevin Kiermaier bites into steak-eating challenge for charity

    Kyle Ringo at Big League Stew 7 days ago

    Kevin Kiermaier probably slept like a hibernating bear Thursday night after attempting to eat a a steak that likely weighed more than the bat he swings during the season.

    Kiermaier took on an eating challenge for charity at Smokey Bones restaurant in Clearwater, Fla., where he attempted to eat a 35-ounce smoked ribeye dinner which includes two side salads, two plates of broccoli, two baked potatoes and the restaurant’s signature Hot Bag O’ Donuts.

    #Rays @KKiermaier39 was not up to the challenge of @SmokeyBonesBar 35-ounce steak in a charity event (photo special)

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    [David Price gives $300K for special-needs ballpark in his hometown]

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  • Nigel Hayes answers reporter's Ohio State question as only he can

    Kyle Ringo at The Dagger 8 days ago

    Wisconsin forward Nigel Hayes, an Ohio native, could have attended Ohio State if he wanted to. He had a scholarship offer from the Buckeyes three years ago when he ultimately decided to be a Badger.

    So it's not as if Hayes approached a reporter's question Thursday night with any hard feelings after scoring 21 points to help beat the Buckeyes. But Hayes has a fun personality and great sense of humor and it served him well in offering a response when asked what the game means to him and what he thought when Wisconsin had three Ohio players on the floor at one point and OSU had none.

    Nigel Hayes with the mic drop on Ohio State.

    [Slain Mercer player had heartbreaking bond with 7-year-old girl]

    "Nah, I'm cool," Hayes said with a wry smile. "I mean, they got the guys they wanted. I'll take my two Final Fours and my wins and I'll carry on my merry way."

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