John L. Smith’s blunder of the day: He confuses Arkansas and Alabama

Thanks to John L. Smith's rousing speech to the Little Rock Touchdown Club on Monday, fans all over the area are rallying around the "state of Alabama program."

Wait, what?

As Smith was trying to ask that fans continue to support Arkansas despite a rough three weeks, Smith mistakenly referred to the Razorbacks' as the "state of Alabama program."

"Don't give up on us. It's our program, it's a state of Alabama program," Smith said, which, according to AP, prompted a room full of groans. "It's not one individual's program."

Poor Smith, not much has gone right since he became the Arkansas' head coach and this is just another blunder in what has become a disastrous season for the Razorbacks.

Someone actually pointed out the gaffe while Smith fielded questions from the crowd and he responded in his typical John L. Smith way: "I did? Where would that come from? I've never even heard of Alabama."

Despite the mistake, Smith did make an impassioned plea to try and keep fans from souring on the program. The Razorbacks are 1-3 this season, losing their last three to Louisiana-Monroe, Alabama and Rutgers.

"As fans, you deserve better. You've invested more," Smith said during his speech to the club. "Our players deserve better. We all are working our tail off to make sure that it is better. Understand that. We're in as much pain as everybody is out there."

Sadly, that wasn't the only Smith comment that made headlines Monday. Smith was asked whether he saw former Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino coaching at either Auburn or Kentucky next year, and while Smith should have probably laughed off the question, he went ahead and answered it anyway.

<cue forehead slap>

"Kentucky or Auburn. I don't know that Kentucky might be in there," Smith said. "Auburn probably is a better guess if I were to guess, to be perfectly honest with you."

That should make for an interesting postgame handshake when Smith and current Auburn coach Gene Chizik meet in a couple weeks.

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