Florida State tops list of College Football Playoff favorites

Nick Bromberg
Florida State tops list of College Football Playoff favorites

According to one sportsbook, Florida State has the best odds of any team to make the College Football Playoff.

The Seminoles' odds are -350 to make the Playoff and +225 to miss it, according to Bovada. That means if you bet $7 for Florida State to make the Playoff you'd make $2, and if you bet $4 for the Seminoles to miss the Playoff, you'd win $9.

The second favorites are Oregon and Ohio State. Each team has even odds of making the Playoff and are listed at -140 (5/7) to miss the Playoff.

The rest of the six favorites are listed in order below:

Alabama: Make +125 (5/4), Miss -160 (5/8)

Oklahoma: Make +175 (7/4), Miss -260 (5/13)

Auburn: Make +175 (7/4), Miss -260 (5/13)

LSU: Make +225 (9/4), Miss -350 (2/7)

Michigan State: Make +225 (9/4), Miss -350 (2/7)

UCLA: Make +240 (12/5), Miss -380 (5/19)

Which team's odds do you like the best? Would you take a school off the board? The most appealing choice to us looks like Oklahoma if we're not taking Florida State. The Sooners have both Oklahoma State and Baylor at home and the toughest road game looks to be Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas. Plus, the Big 12 doesn't have a pesky championship game, something that tripped Ohio State up last year.

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