D-III players allegedly kicked off their team following Harlem Shake video

The Harlem Shake is all fun and games until a bunch of guys get kicked off the football team.

Eleven players from D-III Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania were allegedly kicked off the football team following the release of their Harlem Shake video, which showed several players engaging in faux sexual acts.

Tight end Logan Skillman sent out the following tweet Friday morning and then promptly deleted it:

The Harlem Shake is a new dance craze that is sweeping the country. Basically, music plays while one person dances and the rest of the room goes about its business. Then the scene changes and everyone is doing some sort of strange dance (or in this case, act) with props. It’s strange fad that hopefully won’t last very long.

Sure there are some vulgarities in this particular video and these players are supposed to be representing the university, but kicking them off the team is a bit much. They aren’t harming anyone, there’s no nudity. Even the vulgar acts aren’t as vulgar as they could be. For the most part, it looks like a prank. A poorly thought-out prank, but a prank nonetheless.

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