Another day, another college football Jeopardy! fail: This time it was about the Big Ten

College football-related clues are quickly becoming the Achilles' heel of Jeopardy! contestants.

On Tuesday's episode, the realities and quirks of conference realignment struck, when a question about the Big Ten came up in the "Solve for 'x'" category. The clue was "Now that Rutgers and Maryland are joining the party, the Big Ten has X members."

No one could answer it. Does the Big Ten need to already ramp up its East Coast marketing efforts?

The only guess ventured was "12," but remember, the Big Ten was at 12 before the addition of the two schools. After a dozen was thrown out, there was silence from the two other contestants. As you know, 12+2 is 14.

Following the sound of the buzzer, Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek had a fantastic response: "I know, it sounds weird."

Imagine if the next question would have been about the number of teams in the Big 12.

In March, no one on the show was able to answer a clue about college football coaches and in May, no one could say with any certainty that Johnny Manziel went to Texas A&M.

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