Jeopardy! contestants struggled with the college football category (Video)

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer watches his team during NCAA college football practice Tuesday, March 4, 2014, in Columbus, Ohio. (AP Photo/Jay LaPrete)

If you're a Dr. Saturday reader, this category would be easy for you. We'll just assume that the three contestants on Thursday's episode of Jeopardy! are not Dr. Saturday readers. Though they should be.

"College Football Coaches" was a category in the first round and left until the end. So when there were no other questions to turn to, the contestants entered the gauntlet. It wasn't pretty. Only two of the five answers were correctly responded to.

Crystal Ball Run captured the video for our wonderment, and we won't spoil the video for you by giving away the answers. Though we'll admit that the "Auburn" answer was fun. If we're ever on Jeopardy! and don't know the answer, we're going to roll with "Auburn."

Besides, do you need any of the answers given to you anyway? All five dealt with major schools and the answers all had a major clue in them. It wasn't like one of the answers said "P.J. Fleck, the young coach of this school, really likes to row the boat."

But since you're here, you'd get that one too.

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Nick Bromberg

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