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You're a Chase driver. How are you going to approach Richmond?

Jay Busbee
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RICHMOND, Va. — Ten drivers are locked into the Chase going into Richmond, with only the lure of bonus points (and a winner's purse/sponsor's love) driving them this weekend. So how are they going to approach this race?

• By going all out to get those 10 bonus points, trying to cut into the lead of the frontrunners (or, in the frontrunners' case, extend that lead).

• By playing it conservative, using the race as a chance to fine-tune some driving and crew skills before the postseason begins next week.

• By splitting the difference — sniffing at the lead, but reverting to a more relaxed mode if the win is out of reach.

So what would you do? Each approach has its advantages, but each also has huge drawbacks, both for PR and for the potential future damage to fellow Chaser relations. (Suppose you knock a fellow Chaser out of the way during the drive to the front. Think he's going to treat you with respect come Chase time?)

It's going to be an interesting race, one more akin to an All-Star Race — a million bucks or nothing — than a typical Cup race. So what would you do?

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