Stewart and Kenseth don’t anticipate carryover from Bristol crash

Nick Bromberg
From the Marbles

Tony Stewart and Matt Kenseth have moved on from their tangle on Saturday night.

On Saturday, after the two collided on the track and Stewart flung his helmet at Kenseth, Stewart said that "I'm going to run over him every chance I get for the rest of the year." On Tuesday after a promotional appearance at Charlotte Motor Speedway, he said that he had no intention of seeking Kenseth out on the track for unprovoked retribution.

From the AP:

'You get over that stuff. It's been part of racing for as long as I can remember and that won't be the last time you see two drivers have a disagreement,'' Stewart said, adding he'll only run over Kenseth ''if I need to. It's not our intention to go seek him out.

''We've gotten along more races than we've disagreed.''

Kenseth was at Kansas Speedway on Tuesday for a Goodyear tire test to prepare for the track's newly repaved surface, and he shared Stewart's sentiment and said that the two had more important things to focus on in the next 12 race; namely the championship.

"I think you're going to have problems with people here or there and most times its not one person's fault and you've got to work those problems out and move on," Kenseth said.

"People don't see things the same way. If everybody saw the same thing the same way, there would never be wrecks — well, I guess there would be accidents but there wouldn't be as many."

Stewart added that he was happy that he wasn't penalized for the helmet toss. However, it would have been surprising if he did. Todd Bodine threw his helmet earlier in the year at Pocono and wasn't penalized.

'I figured I was going to get some kind of penalty for it, so it's nice to know that's something you can get away with," Stewart said. "I just wish we could get a more lengthy list of what we can do and can't do. I think we could make it a lot more entertaining if we knew what we could do.''