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Looking back: The top-10 prep sports plays of the year

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By midnight, we'll all be within the final 48 hours of 2011, which can only mean one thing: There's no time like the present to reflect on the most impressive plays of the past 12 months in all of prep sports. Whittling down the list is tough, but celebrating their incredible execution certainly isn't.

Devon Turk, Houston (Texas) St. Pius X: Some guys can get up. Others can soar. Turk? He practically has trampolines on the souls of his shoes, as he showed on this acrobatic slam.

Parrish Young, Franklin (N.C.): It's impressive enough when a running back pulls out a hurdle or dump trucks a defender on a run. It's much more impressive when he does both of those things, drags two defenders and gives another defender the full-on matador treatment.

Kanler Coker and Casey Osborne, Flowery Branch (Ga.): The pass itself was impressive enough, and the fact that it won a game was even more notable. That it came from a player wearing number 11 on 11/11/11? That's where it became eerie ...

Sean Modster, Santa Margarita (Calif.): Deflected passes are one thing. Double-deflected passes? Those are remarkable. Chalk up magic karma and incredible hands on this one.

Kedar Edwards, West Oaks (Fla.) Academy: Who needs ball distributing teammates? Not Kedar Edwards. He'll just set himself up with a filthy off-the-backboard assist. No big deal.

Brian Moss, Shelby (N.C.): As a writer, it's generally not in one's best interest to overuse comparisons to magicians, let alone legendary ones like Harry Houdini. Regardless, this play deserved that comparison, and Prep Rally would happily make it again.

Stephen Lubischer, New Jersey youth football: Ouuuuuuuuuuuch! That kid is only 11? Holy cow!

Chad Kohler: Boston (Mass.) Buckingham, Browne & Nichols: Seriously, we want to know: How did Kohler possibly catch this? Luck is one thing, but getting this lucky flat on his back? It defies all logic.

Kimlon "K.J." Dillon, Apopka (Fla.): Running backs usually earn their plaudits by gaining tough yards on the ground. Not K.J. Dillon. Why slog through hard work on the ground when you can fly? He has a point ...

Jalon White and Joe Burr, North Haven (Conn.): There's only one phrase to describe the year's best play: "Ain't no way, yo!"

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