Instant Replay: A big win leads to a new No. 1

Cameron Smith
October 31, 2011

With the playoffs either looming or already underway across the country, every game for the remainder of the season involving teams in the RivalsHigh 100 is sure to have profound effects on the rankings. And, in a year when teams have jostled into and out of the national top spot like hot cakes, there's little question that any big matchup holds the potential to change the course of multiple teams dependent on its final results.

That was certainly the case on Friday and Saturday, when a number of the nation's top teams took to the field against one another, with two in particular potentially changing the rankings for the rest of the year.

No. 2 Louisville (Kent.) Trinity 49, No. 46 Cincinnati (Ohio) Archbishop Moeller 14: There are blowouts, and then there are the season-defining, statement-game blowouts that completely alter the high school football landscape. Trinity's win over Moeller was the latter, with the Shamrocks absolutely dominating a team which openly talked about their odds of a national title within the past eight weeks. All of that set the stage for Trinity's push into the national No. 1 spot, a position it might just be able to hold on to for the rest of the season.

No. 4 Seffner (Fla.) Armwood 21, No. 56 Tampa (Fla.) Plant 0: Well, if this is the biggest threat Armwood is going to face in the Sunshine State, it might as well be crowned champs now. Armwood rolled to a deceptively easy 21-o shutout in this game which was hyped as the RivalsHigh game of the week, thanks in large part to Florida commit Matt Jones and an 18-point second-half explosion from the previously in-check Armwood offense.


Westfield (Va.) 13, No. 55 Centreville (Va.) 10: Of all the weekend's upsets, this one might have been the most surprising, not necessarily because of the team's involved, but because of how the game played out. Westfield was limited to just five first downs in the entire contest, yet still found a way to spring an upset on one of the best programs in Virginia, by kicking a field goal in overtime and then forcing an out-of-character Centreville fumble to seal the game.

No. 54 Scottsdale (Ariz.) Chaparral 65, Scottsdale (Ariz.) Saguaro 0: To be fair, Saguaro didn't have too much to gain out of this highly anticipated matchup, outside of national attention. In the end, Saguaro coach John Sanders decided his players' health was more important, resting multiple starters in a game that was never really in question after its opening kickoff.

No. 94 Broken Arrow (Okla.) 31, No. 93 Jenks (Okla.) 21: In recent history Jenks has owned this heated Sooner State rivalry. Not anymore, after Broken Arrow defender Levi Copelan came through with a quartet of huge plays to pace Broken Arrow to a surprising district title win.

West Monroe (La.) 21, Cocoa (Fla.) 6: When does a game between two teams ranked outside the RivalsHigh 100 land on the list of the weekend's best games? When both programs are legendary in their respective football-mad states, and both wait until the end of the season to schedule a pitched battle between the two. In this case, neither West Monroe nor Cocoa were up to their previous glorious standards, but West Monroe still edged out a 15-point victory in hosting one of Florida's more stalwart programs.

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