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The Best of 2010: The year's best bloopers

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Prep sports are just like anything else: In the pursuit of a great omelet, a few eggs need to be broken ... or something like that. In the case of building great prep sports highlights, you end up with a few terrific bloopers, a crop which we've attempted to cut down to the absolute best, all of which will be anonymized. After all, just because a teen athlete had a misfortunate moment doesn't mean they need to be branded with it for the rest of their scholastic days.

Honorable Mention: South Umpqua's ill-times sprinklers

This happens more than once a year, but the brief suspension of a football game between South Umpqua and Newport due to a "sprinkler system malfunction" was a particularly wet example of technology striking back.

• 5) A cheerleading lift gone wrong

We use the plural tense with this blopper because it's happened to just about any prep cheerleading squad anywhere. And hey, it's not easy to hold up a similarly sized human being, either!

• 4) When watching too much Italian soccer goes horribly wrong

There are melodramatic dives, and then there's this diva plunge from a boys soccer game this fall. It's up for a People's Choice Award, so make sure to tune in next week ...

• 3) Sometimes having a blocking convoy is a bad thing

It's rare when being surrounded by a phalanx of teammates -- and no opponents -- is a bad thing, yet that's precisely what happened to one California team earlier this fall.

• 2) Watch out for that goalpost!

Really, the title of this video is all you need to know, we think. Kick returner meet goalpost. Goalpost? Likewise.

• 1) Epic football fail

Yes, we know: For those who insist on being toeing a very technical line, this didn't actually happen in 2010. Yet it was only brought into the public consciousness this year, and for that we're eternally grateful, for we may never see a more ill-fated prep football play in all our lives.

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