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Pick one: Strasburg vs. Buchholz, rest of season

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First of all, no one would dare suggest that Stephen Strasburg is anything less than the greatest right-handed pitcher hominid mammal living thing of all-time. He's like a bionic Walter Johnson with an infinite number of meteor powerups. He's the best there ever was.

You've heard about the new heavy element that will soon be added to the periodic table? Yeah, it's called Strasburgium. It's pretty badass. One gram can kill ten Supermen.

There's very little doubt regarding Strasburg's talent. Most scouts agree that his stuff is MLB-quality right now, although Mike Rizzo, the Nationals' acting general manager, was less encouraging in his post-draft comments. There won't be many solid baseball reasons to give Strasburg a taste of major league life when he signs, but the Nats will have certain financial incentives. It's not crazy to think that he'll make an appearance in September.

Funston discussed Strasburg's rest-of-season value in a video segment earlier this week, while I promoted Boston's Clay Buchholz(notes), who continues to shred the International League. Please give it a listen, then declare your allegiance in comments.



How am I not hosting game shows, by the way? That's screen presence right there. And I sound like a beautiful songbird.

Anyway, let's put this thing to a vote...



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