Allegations: Reggie Youngblood

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Nevin Shapiro on Youngblood: Play audio

Miami booster Nevin Shapiro alleges he provided multiple extra benefits to Reggie Youngblood during the his career with the Hurricanes. Among the benefits he claimed to have provided:

Reggie Youngblood
  • Position: Offensive tackle

  • Rivals recruiting rank: Ranked as the No. 9 player overall in the Class of 2005.

  • Miami career: A four-year player who was in and out of the starting mix while dealing with injuries, Youngblood never lived up to his immense talent. He is currently out of football.

• Food, drinks and entertainment in Shapiro's $6 million mansion on multiple occasions.

• Drinks and VIP access in nightclubs on multiple occasions.

• Meals at Miami-area restaurants including an August 2006 at dinner at Italian eatery Grazie.

Corroborating accounts

• Yahoo! Sports acquired Shapiro's August 2006 American Express Platinum card statement showing a charge of $926.50 for the Grazie dinner Shapiro said was attended by Youngblood and multiple players.

• One source corroborated Shapiro providing VIP access and drinks for Youngblood in nightclubs.

In Shapiro's words

• "Reggie Youngblood was a really nice kid. He was in my house on more than 10 occasions. He's been specifically in the clubs with me and a number of the guys. He was always traveling with the same group of guys – Randy Phillips, Orlando Franklin, Gavin Hardin, Courtney HarrisDarryl Sharpton. He was a regular at my house, and we had a lot of communication via text message. He was just always in the clubs."


This page from Nevin Shapiro's August 2006 American Express Platinum card statement shows a charge of $926.50 that the booster identified as a preseason dinner at Miami Beach eatery Grazie. Shapiro said he attended the dinner and paid for the meals of seven players: Randy Phillips, Calais Campbell, Bryan Pata, Eric Moncur, Courtney Harris, Anthony Reddick and Reggie Youngblood. An employee from Grazie declined to give specific accounts of meals but confirmed to Yahoo! Sports that Shapiro regularly brought Hurricanes players into the eatery to dine. PDF file


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