Yahoo: NCAA finds no connection between Jim Harbaugh and illegal sign stealing

As the Big Ten pursues disciplinary action on Michigan football head coach Jim Harbaugh due to alleged illegal sign-stealing, the NCAA’s investigation has, thus far, found the head coach was, indeed, divorced from former staffer Connor Stalions’ actions.

In a report on Monday from Yahoo Sports’ Ross Dellenger and Dan Wetzel, the NCAA provided its findings in the early goings of its investigation and found no connection between the Wolverines’ head coach and Stalions’ operation.


The NCAA has revealed its findings in the Michigan sign-stealing investigation to the Big Ten, and the conference continues to consider a multi-game suspension of coach Jim Harbaugh as the school gears up for legal action, sources tell Yahoo Sports.

The NCAA’s findings do not connect the in-person scouting and recording of opponents’ sidelines to Harbaugh, sources say, an absence of evidence essential to a potential lawsuit from the school and coach against the league.

The Big Ten has issued Michigan a notice of an intent to penalize the Wolverines regardless, according to multiple reports, but with new information of other schools trading Michigan’s signs, it’s unclear if those actions will be affected.

Story originally appeared on Wolverines Wire