Why Mike Macdonald removed old Seahawks murals from team facility

As I have written multiple times in regards to new Seahawks head coach Mike Macdonald, it is the dawn of a new era in Seattle. This could not possibly be more evident than it is right now with the recent redecoration reports.

Macdonald has removed iconic murals from the team facility, images of some of the greatest moments in Seahawks history – specifically ones created in the past 14 years. Moments such as:

Why are these iconic moments gone? Why are the walls at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center left bare? Why are all remnants of the Pete Carroll era seemingly… erased?

Two words: new legacy. Macdonald is sending a clear message to his new team, he wants them to forge a new way forward. Create new moments and memories, something to define this new era. In the words of Star Wars villain Kylo Ren, “let the past die.”

Such a move is certainly far more than curious. Dave “Softy” Mahler mentioned on Twitter how it is hard to imagine other teams, such as the Green Bay Packers or the loathsome Steelers or 49ers erasing their histories, especially their Golden Years. Yes, make no mistake, the Carroll era was the height (so far?) of the Seahawks franchise.

But perhaps there might be some mad genius to this unusual method. Perhaps Macdonald’s new tactic can help inspire his young team to push themselves to new heights. To feel a sense of freedom of not being trapped by the past.

So far, it has not seemed to ruffle feathers. Macdonald’s new players seem to sing nothing but his praises. Julian Love, Uchenna Nwosu, Leonard Williams, Devon Witherspoon and Charles Cross have all been effusive in their enthusiasm for their new coach.

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