WATCH: Joe Flacco thanks Browns, city of Cleveland in his Comeback Player of the Year acceptance speech

What a magical ride it was for quarterback Joe Flacco and the Cleveland Browns to end last season. It seemed like the Browns’ injuries were adding up and tanking the season and then Flacco came in and was phenomenal. In the end, they fell flat in the playoffs but it was fun to watch Flacco in a Browns uniform.

In a narrow margin of victory, Joe Flacco won the Comeback Player of the Year award after that run. During his acceptance speech, he echoed what we heard him say during the season that he was just thankful for the chance. Flacco felt like the city of Cleveland embraced him as one of their own and the home-field advantage is real for the Browns.

It will be interesting to see if the Browns try to bring Flacco back as Deshaun Watson’s backup but either way, he gave fans some of the most exciting and fun series of wins in a long time.


Story originally appeared on Browns Wire