Watch: Coyote freaks out in presence of trail camera

On Friday we shared footage showing an elusive Yellowstone National Park wolf pack reacting to a remote motion-sensor trail camera.

Taylor Rabe, a researcher, stated via Instagram: “Wolves are very aware when cameras are in the area, and you can see these two adults checking it out!”

Her video was reminiscent of the accompanying footage, captured last year in Canada’s Yukon Territory. In the Yukon Wildlife Cams video, the canid is a coyote and its response is spirited.

David Troup of Yukon Trail Cams stated on Facebook: “Coyotes are known for being wary of trail cameras as this one demonstrates with a rather animated response upon that sudden realization.”

In the footage, the coyote stops in its tracks and bows briefly before bounding away from perceived danger.

Troup’s cameras are disguised but he explained, “Inevitably wildlife can detect peculiarities in their environment, whether it’s by sight, sound or smell.”

Yukon Wildlife Cams last year also shared footage showing a momma grizzly bear mouthing a trail camera near a pond.

Story originally appeared on For The Win