Watch Charles Barkley vent about lackluster Pelicans while insulting this Texas beach

The New Orleans Pelicans have a lot to cry about.

Not only did they lose their star player, Zion Williamson, during a brutal play-in loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, but now they’re staring down the barrel of a broom on the verge of being swept by the NBA’s youngest No. 1 seed, the Oklahoma City Thunder, after their 106-85 loss on April 27.

Former NBA star Charles Barkley then tossed some gasoline on the tire fire that is the Pelicans following their blowout loss — and managed to do so while taking a dig at a Texas seaside city.

“We’re not even gonna send them to Cancun, we’re gonna send them to Galveston,” the former basketball forward said on NBA on TNT when Shaquille O’Neal asked him where he believes the team should go following elimination. Normally, it’s joked that players jet off to Cancun once their season is done, but Barkley has other ideas.

“Y’all quit — drive your (explicit) down to Galveston,” Barkley said in the clip that was posted on Instagram. “We’re not giving them no plane tickets to the beach. We’re sending their (explicit) to Galveston, Texas, right where that dirty (explicit) water washed up on the beach, they can’t even get in the water.”

O’Neal and fellow hosts, Ernie Johnson and Vince Carter, couldn’t contain their laughter as Barkley tacked on hit after hit of the Texas city, which is about a 50-mile drive southeast of Houston.

The clip started to make the rounds on social media shortly after airing and some fans were upset, while others — well — agreed.

“Galveston does have better fishing than Cancun- the shrimp and the crabs are plentiful and huge!” one person pointed out in the comment section.

“He’s not wrong,” another chimed in.

“Galveston’s beach is not dirty. The water is blue some days and has been darker as well from sediment,” someone said.

“I love Galveston, but I hate Galveston,” one person commented.

Game 4 airs on April 29 at 8:30 pm ET in New Orleans at Smoothie King Center.