Watch: Baker Mayfield nails impression of John Dorsey, who drafted him to Browns

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Pretty much every NFL team has rookie night during training camp, when the newbies perform in front of their older teammates and coaches. Sometimes it’s a rendition of their college alma mater or fight song, sometimes it’s some kind of skit.

Browns’ quarterback Baker Mayfield poked fun at the very man who made him the No. 1 pick in this year’s draft.

‘How ya doin’, buddy boy?’

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For the last day of camp on Tuesday, Mayfield entertained the Browns with his video of himself as general manager John Dorsey. Wearing Dorsey’s ever-present Cleveland Browns sweatshirt over a button-down shirt and his trademark Air Dorsey Nikes – basic white sneakers with an orange swoosh and the words “Cleveland Browns” stitched on the tongue – and chomping gum, Mayfield gives his impression of Dorsey.


“Hello this is John Dorsey,” Mayfield said. “How ya doin’, buddy boy? Playing in the National Football League is a blessing. It’s a privilege. Not many people get to do it. Ya know what I mean, buddy boy? That’s good stuff, huh? Yeah. That’s good stuff.

“It takes dedication. You know what else takes dedication? Being a Cleveland Brown. See, being a Cleveland Brown is way more than just playing football. It’s about being enough. It’s about coming to work every day with your hard hat and your Air Dorseys, and your sweater. And you strap on those shoes, and you go to work. I do it every day. Don’t be scared.”

Longtime Browns beat writer Mary Kay Cabot tweeted that all Mayfield was missing from standard Dorsey vocabulary is “kemosabe” and a few “you know whats.”

Carried over to practice

Mayfield even wore his Dorsey costume to his news conference on Tuesday:

Browns’ QB Baker Mayfield dressed as general manager John Dorsey for the team’s rookie show. (Mary Kay Cabot/Twitter)
Browns’ QB Baker Mayfield dressed as general manager John Dorsey for the team’s rookie show. (Mary Kay Cabot/Twitter)


When Dorsey called Mayfield in April to tell him the Browns were going to draft him No. 1, he said, “Well, buddy boy, I want you to get excited here because I’m going to put the card in here and we’re going to take you here with the first pick in the draft.”

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