Video: Why the Mets should call up Tim Tebow

Mike Oz

The New York Mets have had a baseball season that’s stacked disaster upon disaster. There was the Matt Harvey disaster. The Noah Syndergaard disaster. The Mr. Met’s middle finger disaster. Oh and don’t forget the sex-toy-in-the-clubhouse disaster.

The rotation is unsightly. The lineup isn’t what you imagined it would be back on Opening Day. Most of the big names are either injured or traded. It got so bad that Jose Reyes started in left field the other night.

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As Sept. 1 arrives Friday, the day Major League Baseball rosters expand, there’s one thing the Mets should do to really put the bow on this bizarre season: Call up Tim Tebow.

With MLB rosters expanding Friday, the Mets might as well call up Tim Tebow. What do they have to lose? (AP)
With MLB rosters expanding Friday, the Mets might as well call up Tim Tebow. What do they have to lose? (AP)

I’m not joking here. Call him up. Let’s see what he can do in Major League Baseball in September on a team whose season is over. Once his season ends in Single-A Port St. Lucie on Sunday, Tebow would presumably get back into the college football broadcasting mix over at the ESPN. But what if he were summoned to the big leagues? You can bet he’d be on his way to Citi Field.

The Mets signing Tebow was never really about baseball. If he somehow turned into a legit baseball prospect, great. If not, the Mets knew he’d provide entertainment dividends for their minor-league clubs. Well, let me tell you, the major-league club could use some entertainment now too.

So let’s see what Tebow can do. Can he hit Max Scherzer? Can he play the Wrigley ivy? Would he take selfies with Bryce Harper? And let’s see what Tebow brings. How many fans will turn out to see Tebow in Queens and on the road? What kind of attention would baseball get?

Is it a sideshow? Sure. But “Tebowmania, Baseball Edition” has always been a sideshow. This season’s Mets have been a sideshow. Might as well go FULL sideshow.

All this is different, mind you, than saying Tebow *deserves* a call-up. He certainly does not. He hit .222 this season across two minor-league teams. He knocked eight homers, many of which were exciting, but that’s still not thrilling when he’s a 30-year-old in Single-A.

It’s the other way around, actually. The Mets’ ridiculous season *deserves* a Tebow call-up. Think about it. It’s the only logical end to a bizarre year for the Mets.

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