‘I’ve got two pre-requisites’: Gary Dolphin reveals preference for future analyst

‘I’ve got two pre-requisites’: Gary Dolphin reveals preference for future analyst

Gary Dolphin and Ed Podolak have been tied at the hip for 27 years. Together they’ve been the voices of Iowa football for the entirety of the Kirk Ferentz era.

Podolak now steps away after 42 years in the business. Dolphin called Podolak the best he’s ever worked with in the broadcast booth. There will now be changing of the guard for the first time in over a quarter century.

At the I-Club event in Davenport Wednesday afternoon I caught up with Dolphin, who is one of five decision makers in the hiring process. He made it clear that he wants a former Iowa football player in the booth, but not just anybody.

“I’ve got two prerequisites, and then we’ll find out if they can handle in the broadcast booth,” Dolphin said. “It’s got to be from the Kirk Ferentz era. I love Dallas Clark and I love all the great quarterbacks we’ve had during the Kirk Ferentz era, but the defense has been so doggone good.

“I only have one vote, but if I was going to favor the next analyst it would be somebody who played defense at Iowa. Now that narrows the list, but of course there’s five members on this committee. We’ll get it right in the end. If they pick an offensive great, good. I can work with anybody. Ed Podolak was the best I’ve ever worked with, but I can work with anybody.”

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