Valentina Shevchenko: ‘Nicco Montaño didn’t want to fight from the beginning’ Staff
MMA Weekly

(Courtesy of UFC)

Valentina Shevchenko was left without a fight at UFC 228 after Nicco Montaño was transported to the hospital because of difficulties with her weight cut. The UFC later stripped Montaño of her flyweight title and said that Shevchenko would be matched up with another fighter, hopefully later this year, in a battle for the now-vacant belt.

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Shevchenko was doubtful in the weeks leading up to UFC 228 that Montaño would actually make it to the cage, and it turns out she was correct in thinking the fight might not happen. 

While Montano and her camp have cited issues with her kidneys, Shevchenko doesn't believe that Montano ever intended on getting in the Octagon with her.

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