Valdosta JV wins rivalry game in double overtime

Jan. 30—VALDOSTA — After four quarters of the always-entertaining Valdosta and Lowndes matchup, the JV boys' game went into double-overtime. Saturday.

The score was 46-46 with 30 seconds left in the game, with Valdosta in possession of the ball. After extensive ball movement, the Wildcats' Jerod Mack went for an inside shot. In a close miss, the ball was held until time by the Vikings.

Nearing the end of the overtime, Viking Dallas Montgomery made two crucial free throws with 24 seconds left in overtime. Valdosta's Wildcats had one possession to make up the three-point differential of 50-47.

Having only 20 seconds on the clock, Valdosta's Shawn Evans took control of the court, looking for an opportunity to save the game. Two good screens from his teammates allowed Evans to get into position and backstep into a clean 3-pointer. The visitors' side erupted in light of the moment.

The Vikings did not score in the 11 seconds they had left on the clock, resulting in the game going into a rare double-overtime. In the huddles before the three-minute double-overtime, it was clear how much pride and intensity was going into the game.

Both teams played aggressively to end the game, with Valdosta reversing the roles and creating a slight lead for Lowndes to overcome. The score was 58-55 for Valdosta with four seconds left; the Vikings needed a three-pointer to extend the game like Valdosta did.

A hopeful Hail Mary pass to Lowndes' TJ Thomas was spiked out of play by Valdosta's defense. Thomas got one more attempt with the ball passed to him with two seconds left. The ball hit the rim — barely missing in an excellent final effort. The Wildcats rushed onto the court in celebration, joined by the crowd's roaring applause.