UNC apologizes after lobbing jokes at Clemson fans on video board

Some Clemson fans were not pleased after being targeted on the UNC video board Saturday. (Getty)
Some Clemson fans were not pleased after being targeted on the UNC video board Saturday. (Getty)

North Carolina came up just short of the upset of the season in a 21-20 loss at home to Clemson on Saturday.

In the process, the school riled up some of the many Tigers fans in attendance in Chapel Hill.

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It wasn’t for the play on the field, though. It was for the jokes on the video board.

UNC’s got jokes

Someone running the controls decided to have some fun at the expense of the orange-clad fans in the stands with some not-so-subtle jabs suggesting those in attendance were fair-weather fans.

For example, our bearded friend pictured in the tweet above is not aware of the greatness of William “The Refrigerator” Perry, a former Tiger and NFL star with the Chicago Bears. Or so the video board would have you believe.

Fan complaints prompt UNC apology

Apparently some Clemson fans didn’t take kindly to the public insinuation that they were bandwagon jumpers and filed complaints to the UNC athletics office.

A representative of the athletic department told the Greenville News on Tuesday that athletic director Bubba Cunningham personally apologized to Clemson president James Clements and athletic director Dan Radakovich on Sunday as well as fans who sent in email complaints.

“We want everyone who comes to Chapel Hill to have a positive experience on our campus – whether they are our supporters or our opponents’ fans, first-time visitors or long-time guests,” Cunningham wrote, according to the News. “The video board spot featuring Clemson fans on Saturday was not in that spirit.

“We regret that it was produced. ... We addressed the inappropriateness of the spot with the responsible staff members immediately after it was shown, and we will continue to address this week the breakdown in process that led to it.”

Let this be a lesson to any host schools thinking of making public jokes at Clemson’s expense.

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