UFC veteran Mike Swick announces he’s cancer free after battling Stage 4 lymphoblastic lymphoma

Mike Swick has won his biggest fight to date.

A UFC veteran and “The Ultimate Fighter, Season 1” cast member, Swick was diagnosed in early 2022 with Stage 4 lymphoblastic lymphoma, a cancer that originates in blood cells (lymphocytes) and spreads to other organs. On Wednesday, Swick broke the news that he is now cancer free.

“Very positive I was gonna win this battle somehow,” Swick wrote on his Instagram page. “It can come back, and I can always get it later in life, but I will be much more prepared and ready and can at least always say no matter what, I kicked it’s ass!”

Swick, 43, also included before-and-after visual of his body in January 2022 compared to now. Fourteen months ago, his body was drastically different.

“As you can see from my timeline the last year, it didn’t slow me down,” Swick wrote. “It was tough but keeping a positive mindset and not allowing it to change my life anymore than it had to was important and kept my stress down and life moving forward.

“Stage 4 of the most aggressive and deadly form of Lymphoma Leukemia [sic] was not an easy thing to hear so young and healthy but I been a fighter since I was a kid and accepted the challenge and knew this post would come one day. Literally from the day I took that first selfie, I couldn’t wait to post this.”

From 2005 to 2015, Swick competed 15 times with the UFC. He went 10-5 in that stretch with wins over Joe Riggs, Marcus Davis, Ben Saunders, and Josh Burkman among others.

Post-fighting career, Swick founded AKA Thailand and hosts a podcast “Real Quick with Mike Swick.”

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie