Haliburton’s huge game and the future of the Pacers with Caitlin Cooper | Devine Intervention

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Caitlin Cooper, who has been covering the Indiana Pacers for years, joins Dan Devine to reflect on one of the biggest recent wins in recent Pacers history and to talk about the future of this young team, led by superstar guard Tyrese Haliburton.

On this episode of Devine Intervention, the NBA world is still talking about the Indiana Pacers knocking the Boston Celtics out of the In-Season Tournament last night, on the back of Tyrese Haliburton’s triple-double, so Dan Devine welcomes Caitlin Cooper to the show to talk about a team that few know better than she does.

Dan and Caitlin start off the show by talking about a moment of NBA joy, this one being the Pacers offense not slowing down against the Miami Heat when Tyrese Haliburton was out of the lineup last week, before discussing how the New Orleans Pelicans used their lack of defense to turn up the temperature on the Kings’ defense, using Zion Williamson as a center.

Then we get to the main focus of this episode: The Indiana Pacers. Dan and Caitlin talk about how the Pacers were able to defeat the Boston Celtics last night, why Tyrese Haliburton is a “basketball counter-culture”, and what the ceiling of the 2023-24 Pacers is right now.

Caitlin also talked a bit about some players that don’t get on the court as often, namely Obi Toppin and rookie Jarace Walker, and discussed how this season might force the Pacers front office to make a trade and go all-in now that Tyrese Haliburton is proving himself to be a top 10 player in the league.

As always, we close the show with five quick questions (The Closing Five) to learn more about Caitlin as a person and then finish with weekly recommendations from both Caitlin and Dan.

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