Tyreek Hill says Chiefs have been ‘grinding’ following Super Bowl LV loss

Kansas City Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill has had an eventful offseason. He recently proposed to his girlfriend Keeta Vacarro. He raced Packers RB Aaron Jones at a youth football camp. Despite his busy offseason, Hill hasn’t lost sight of the Chiefs’ ultimate goal, especially after losing Super Bowl LV.

Hill says he and his teammates, specifically the leaders on the team, have been grinding this offseason in hopes of reaching their third consecutive Super Bowl.

“Man, you know what, man, I’ve been grinding my tail off ever since that loss,” Hill told TMZ Sports in an interview. “I take losing, like, kind of hard. Me being me and my teammates being my teammates, you know Pat (Mahomes), (Travis) Kelce, and the rest of the guys, Tyrann (Mathieu) and Chris (Jones), they want to get back to that stage. I know they’re grinding just as hard as I am. I feel like we were kind of embarrassed on national TV during the biggest game and the last game of the year. We definitely don’t want to go down that route again. We’ll be back.”

The way things ended for Hill in Super Bowl LV left a bad taste in his mouth. He caught seven passes for 73 yards with no scores during the 31-9 loss. Hill made a huge impact during the team’s regular-season win over the Buccaneers with over 200 receiving yards in the first quarter alone. He felt a sense of personal responsibility in the loss, not performing up to his own standard.

Ultimately, Hill and his teammates already had a taste for a championship in Super Bowl LIV. They want to partake in that feast once again and they’re hungry to prove they can win it again.

“It makes you hungrier, the way that season ended?” TMZ Sports asked.

“Exactly,” Hill concluded.


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