'Two games in 48 hours - it's madness'

Former Liverpool head physio Andy Renshaw stands next to Jurgen Klopp
[Getty Images]

Liverpool's former head physio Andy Renshaw believes the turnaround time between some games is "madness".

Renshaw spent eight years with the Reds before leaving in 2017 and now works as a consultant to clubs across the country.

This season, Jurgen Klopp and other Premier League managers have spoken about the difficulties of players' workload, following increased numbers of injuries at some clubs.

Speaking exclusively to the BBC Football Extra newsletter, Renshaw said: "Each player responds differently to the workload. Some can tolerate it, some can't.

"Whether that means we are hitting that limit more than we ever used to, we'd need to analyse accurate data from all clubs to support that. The Premier League will have all that anyway but the clubs should be coming out with all that information in my opinion.

"In terms of an increased intensity, that's certainly been the case in the past few years. The game continues to go that way, the speed continues to increase. Whether we're hitting a point where we can't push any more, we do that over the course of a season anyway."

While other countries take a winter break over the festive period,, in recent seasons the Premier League has had a mid-season pause for clubs in January.

However, this will now be scrapped for the upcoming season after changes to the footballing calendar.

"You've only got to look at injury numbers as they peak during pre-season and they peak at Christmas," added Renshaw.

"I remember one year at Liverpool, we played Manchester City in the late kick-off on New Year's Eve. We were back in on the morning on New Year's Day to train and travel because we had a 3pm kick-off in Sunderland the next day.

"Two games in 48 hours - it's madness."