Twitter reacts as Ron Torbert named referee for Cowboys-Packers wild-card game

The Dallas Cowboys are quite familiar with the ways of the flag. The team finished the regular season as the second-most penalized team in the league, tying the Cleveland Browns with 115 assessed. Only the Jets, with 124 penalties, had more. But the volume of laundry thrown their way isn’t the only gripe.

Superstar pass rusher Micah Parsons has inexplicably gone 11 full games without a holding penalty even though it appears he gets held the majority of the contest. Parsons has even gone as far as apologizing to the refs on his podcast in hopes of forcing opposing teams to play him fairly. So when it comes to referee assignments for their playoff run, a keen eye is on alert.

Ron Torbert has been assigned to this week’s Cowboys game against the Packers which elicited a few strong reactions. Torbert and his crew have penalized home teams more often than the visitors, and like most referees in the NFL these days, he’s had his fair share of tumultuous contests. Fans from both teams had interesting things to say about the assignment.

Here are some of the best reactions so far, along with some tweets from disgruntled fans of prior contests.

Story originally appeared on Cowboys Wire