Top takeaways from March’s first Super Saturday

Yahoo Sports' Jason Fitz offers up his top takeaways from College Basketball's first Super Saturday including Houston's buzzerbeater over Oklahoma, Zach Edey leading Purdue to a win over Michigan State, and more.

Video Transcript

JASON FITZ: It was a packed Saturday of college basketball action with drama absolutely everywhere, not the least of which was Oklahoma taking on the number one team in all the land, Houston. In fact, Oklahoma wished the clock had expired just a little sooner--


--as the Cougars were able to get the dramatic buzzer-beater win, most likely keeping their top-ranked status alive. Purdue might be the number two team in the country, but Zach Edey played like the best player in all the land, putting up 32 points and 11 boards. Not to be outdone, his teammate Braden Smith adds 23 points. And now, all of a sudden, Michigan State, in a loss, finds themselves eerily close to possibly missing the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 25 years.

Number 4 Tennessee taking on number 14 Alabama in a game that was streakier than an unfortunate pair of underwear. Tennessee was up big, then they weren't. Then they were up big. Then, they weren't.

Bama rolled with 12 straight points going into the half to make this thing close, but the second half was all about sticky defense and balanced scoring. Tennessee manages to come away with the big win in Tuscaloosa. Creighton-- more like Greatin', am I right? They get the big upset in the Big East, taking down Marquette in a game where Marquette was shorthanded, we know. But it was huge for the Big East standings and huge for their potential NCAA seeding.

Kentucky didn't play any defense, but the good news is they played Arkansas, so they didn't have to. Oh, and Duke barely had to show up. I mean, Virginia, the, team struggled to outscore Kyle Filipowski, the player in the first half. The Blue Devils absolutely crushed them. And in the game none of you were watching, but the highlight that will make you all wish that you did, Western Michigan tops Ball State in overtime.

I know, I know; who cares? You will when you see the wildest Hail Mary ending we have seen in ages. The Hail Mary pass drops on the court, turns into a crazy layup, and all of a sudden, we are reminded on the first Saturday in March why Saturday college basketball is absolutely the best.