Tom Brady's awkward dad kiss with his son made the Internet uncomfortable

Tom Brady kisses his son on the lips. (Screenshot via Twitter- Ashley Feinberg)
Tom Brady kisses his son on the lips. (Screenshot via Twitter- Ashley Feinberg)

In a surprise twist, Tom Brady’s interactions with his kids has become the prevailing theme to emerge from his Tom vs. Time docuseries. Unfortunately, much of that attention has been of the negative variety.

Earlier this week, Brady cancelled his weekly interview with WEEI’s Kirk & Callahan after host Alex Reimer referred to the quarterback’s daughter as a pissant. a recent episode of Tom vs. Time, Brady’s son interrupted the Patriot quarterback during a massage session to ask his advice on fantasy football lineups.
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In response, Brady asked Jack, “What do I get?” Instinctively, Jack planted a kiss on Brady’s lips.

However, after Brady complained that it was “just a peck,” he shared a longer, more uncomfortable, wet kiss with Jack.

Most of the civilized world approved of Brady’s decision to stand up for his daughter, but opinions about Tom’s affection for his son have been more divided.

Because of gender norms and a generation of adults who were raised by stern dads that were too emotionally unavailable to hug their sons, it was the most controversial PDA football fans have seen since Bill Belichick accidentally French kissed his daughter.

Viewers were appalled at the sight of Brady embarrassing his son with sloppy smooches like we’ve been conditioned to moms doing. Let this have been a Labrador Retriever or the dog who is captivated by basketball on television and we’d be calling Brady a man in touch with his emotions or wondering whether dog saliva was the key to his longevity.
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CBS New York even sought out specialists to examine the dynamic between Brady and his son. Of course, this isn’t the first time PDA between male members of the Brady clan has made everyone so uncomfortable and it probably won’t be the last.

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