Tom Brady, Julian Edelman star in hilarious commercial for Lays

Former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and wide receiver Julian Edelman made a comeback on the gridiron—well, in a commercial that is.

Edelman and Brady teased the idea of coming out of retirement as part of a collaboration with Lays.

The commercial featured other football legends such as Randy Moss, Dan Marino, Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice. All of the retired legends suited up and took the field in the commercial, just to realize that life in the NFL is a lot faster than it used to be.

The commercial ends with Brady and Edelman sitting and relaxing, watching the other legends get pummeled on the field. Seeing this all unfold, Brady delivers a hilarious quote.

“Unretirement? Who’d be dumb enough to do that?” said Brady.

It’s a genius marketing campaign by Lays that gives Patriots fans a chance to see the dynamic duo of Brady and Edelman once again. It’s the kind of nostalgia we could all use with the NFL season right around the corner.

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire